Vechain - Launch Film

The ‘VET Launch Film’, which debuted at VeChain Thor’s rebrand launch event in Singapore, breaks new ground as one of the world’s first brand campaigns for cryptocurrency. Created by MPC Creative with VFX by MPC, the film from agency Unconditioned Shanghai is set in a futuristic city that embodies the company’s vision; an inclusive blockchain platform that’s run by the people.

Director: Rupert Cresswell
DOP: Justin Gurnari
Producer: Terry Gallagher
Production Supervisor: Liezy Perez
Executive Producer: Dan Sormani

Creative Director: Michael Gregory
VFX Supervisor: Jim Spratling
Producer: Jamie Loudon
EP: Steve Marolho
Editor: Russell Glasgow
CG Supervisor: James Atkinson
Colorist: Kris Smale
Previs and Layout Artists:
Connor Tracy
Ira Shain
Simon Halpern
Andrew Price
Parker Sellers
Model and texture artists:
Joel Durham
Rodrigo Carrasco
Hayley O’Neil
Matt Rosenfels
Sandeep Krishnamurthy
Asif Mohammed Kasab
Jayadeep Chandran
Sashi Kumar
FX Artists:
Kevin Gillen
Andy Sheng
Nate Skeen
Rune Mansson
Eric Pender
Brenden Echsner
Kyle Belko
Dirk Riesenfeld
George Brunt
Oliver Caiden
Rodrigo Jimenez
Mithun Alex
Amresh Kumar
Karthik Chandrasekar
Joshi John
Bruno Roosewelt

Matte Painters:
Vamsi Krishna
Joyette Fernandes
Mohan Rao
Edward Grad
Concept Artsist:
Justin Fields
Kino Scialabba
David Brochard
Motion Graphics:
Bryan Coleman
Donal O’Keefe
Charlotte Quillet
Daena Llorne
Kerim Camdzic
Lee Robinson